New Hampshire Singles Are Overcoming Quarantine Blues

March 25, 2020

    Believe it or not, being stuck at home doesn’t mean that meeting people has to come to a stop. Sure, New Hampshire singles aren’t currently out and about, but you can bet they’re still active! As one of the most trusted matchmakers, our team at Together NH wanted to take this moment to […]


New Year New You: New Hampshire Dating Tips

January 25, 2020

Each new year rolls in millions of new year resolutions. However, did you know that by the second week of February, nearly 80% of those resolutions have been forgotten or failed? This year, making your resolution to rejoin the dating scene in New Hampshire can be a reality with the help of Together NH. Taking […]


Your Guide to Holiday Gift Giving In a New Relationship

November 25, 2019

With the holiday season underway, several new couples are feeling an excitement that they’ve missed in past years. Well, as your experts in New Hampshire relationship coaching, we’d like to first say, congratulations! We know how hard the holidays can be when you’re alone. However, the team at Together NH always wants to remind you […]


First Date Jitters? Use This List of 10 Unique First Date Ideas in NH to Ease the Pressure

September 25, 2019

First dates are nerve-wracking for anyone who is looking to meet that special someone. What if you run out of things to say? Or you get spinach in your teeth? Then the dreaded moment comes where you both run out of things to say. You fidget awkwardly and talk about the weather. That’s the worst. […]


Avoid Disaster with These First Date Red Flags

July 25, 2019

Are you getting ready for a first date with someone new? Have you had bad luck with dates or relationships in the past? One of the ways to avoid a repeat of your bad experience is to know how to identify red flags. Did you know that many red flags can show up as early […]