Now Offering Dating/Relationship Coaching

fullsizerenderHave you been out of the dating scene for a while? Are you nervous about jumping in and going on dates? We here at Together NH are now offering personalized dating coaching that is perfect for those who have little experience dating, are coming out of a bad relationship or are just nervous about the dating scene altogether.

You will be working with Janis who has over 30 years experience coaching and counseling singles who have then successfully found their soul mates. She will act as a personal wing man through the whole process and will help you every step of the way until you are comfortable going out on your own.

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    By hiring us as a personalized dating coach we can help you:

    • Construct The Perfect Online Profile – We will guide you while constructing your online profile to attract the people you desire. It may be difficult for those just getting into the online dating world to grasp the feel of it. However, with our help we can get you moving in the right direction.
    • Approach and Meet New People – Many people can hold a conversation but it’s overcoming the fear of immediate rejection that keeps them from meeting new people. We help you get over that fear so you can jump right in and talk to someone who sparks your interest.
    • Identify Red Flags on a Date – Once you’ve got a date identifying red flags are important. If you’ve been in a bad relationship in the past, these flags can save you from getting into another one early on and keep you moving towards your goal of finding that perfect person.
    • End a Bad Date Early – Those who have been on a bad date know how uncomfortable it can be. Learning how to end a date early can save you that uncomfortable feeling and it also does not give the person the wrong impression of the situation. At Together NH we help you learn how to end a bad date early without giving the wrong impression.
    • Keep a Person Interested – Once you have found someone that sparks your interest it is important to keep them interested in you as well. We help with this process as well and help you recognize early if the other person isn’t interested.

    For more information on our dating and relationship coaching services please contact us at (603) 624-4552 or email us at