February: The Month of Roses, But Why?

As the top contact for relationship coaching in New Hampshire, February tends to be a busy month. With the notorious Valentine’s Day arriving each year, it’s hard to avoid any aspect of relationships. Whether single, dating, or happily married for decades, Valentine’s Day often brings out the best (or worst), and comes with many traditions. One of those traditions is gifting roses.

We all know that flowers have a language of their own. However, did you ever stop to consider how it all started? Why do we give roses, why is Valentine’s Day a thing, and so on? Here are a few of those answers.


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St. Valentine

The history of Valentine’s Day traces back to 3rd century Rome and the execution of Valentinus, a priest known today as St. Valentine. Executed on February 14th, the priest was rumored to have healed many. In particular, Valentinus is said to have brought sight back to a blind child, the daughter of his prison guard. Some legends say Valentine’s Day was established by the Catholic Church to honor these men.

Other stories speak of St. Valentine falling in love while he was imprisoned. Alleged notes signed, “From your Valentine,” were written to the girl. However, there is no evidence of either story.




While St. Valentine is the most common tale, others believe Valentine’s Day was created to cover Lupercalia, a pagan celebration. Eventually outlawed, Lupercalia was a gathering from February 13th to February 15th that sacrificed a dog and a goat to promote fertility in women. The festival ended with pairings for marriage. Talk about a match made for relationship coaching.



The Language Of Flowers

And then, there is the story of King Charles II of Sweden who learned of the language of flowers during his travels. Intrigued, he took what was learned and brought it home, distributing flowers in specific colors to portray his messages. However, this ‘fad’ quickly spread across much of Europe, and the practice of giving flowers (especially roses) began.



The Victorian Era Is Especially Credited With Sending Floral Bouquets To Deliver A Message Of Love Interest.

It’s estimated that around $20 billion is spent each year on Valentine’s Day, nearly $2 billion of which is specially from the purchase of flowers. With red roses being the most popular choice, don’t be surprised if you can’t get your hands on them!


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No matter where Valentine’s Day leads you, it’s important to remember that every couple and every situation is unique. For the best relationship coaching in New Hampshire, please contact Together NH today by calling (603) 624-4552.