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    October is a time to embrace change. The weather is starting to get colder, fall decorations are beginning to pop up in yards, and kids are getting ready for Halloween. You should embrace the change that comes with the fall. Halloween isn’t just for kids, is it? Together of New Hampshire is hosting a Singles Dance this October 27th at the Radisson in Nashua. Whether you’re wearing a costume or not, come dancing with other singles in your area! Dating in New Hampshire is better than ever with Together of New Hampshire’s Singles Dances.


    Every once in a while it is refreshing to let loose. The best way to get to know somebody is when they’re having fun and showing their most genuine side. Dancing is a great way to show the world the real you. Of course, sharing conversation over a drink at the bar isn’t so bad either. While costumes aren’t required for the event, the best costume will win a prize! Plus, wearing a costume will show the other singles a bit more about your personality. Show your potential love interest that you don’t take yourself too seriously and look good in anything.


    Love pops up in the most unlikely of places, but sometimes it’s precisely where you’d expect it. Together of New Hampshire does their part to make dating in New Hampshire easier for everyone. Putting yourself out there helps you to make connections on a deeper level. You never know when you’re going to go out for Halloween as Mario only to find your Princess Peach. Keep an open mind, and an open heart and these dances are sure to bring you the love of your life.

    Dating in New Hampshire can be fun and easy when you know where to look. Come in your best costume for our Single’s Dance on October 27th at the Nashua Radisson. For more services like matchmaking and dating coaching, contact Together of New Hampshire at 800-688-5644 or visit them online.