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    Common Dating Mistakes

    dating in New HampshireIt happens: you go on a date, and you hope it will work out well, then it falters before you make it through the door. It happens to everyone. We all make those mistakes that seem to be inevitable at one point or another in our dating in New Hampshire careers. While it seems as though there is no need to be cautious when you have been in the dating scene for so long, the truth is you do need to be careful. Even the most experienced dater has made mistakes.

    A lot of errors that people make on dates are relatively common. There is no way to fully avoid mistakes on every outing you go on, but there are ways to be aware of them and try to cull errors that you make. Everyone makes mistakes, so it is best to learn about common mistakes and try your best.



    Talking about your ex

    Mentioning an ex, in the beginning, is alright. Especially if you want to let them know that the relationship ended so long ago or if they ask. However, mentioning and talking about are two very different things. Eventually, the information will come out if you continue to date, but on your first date, you don’t need to tell your date about everything within past relationships. If anything, you can mention that you had a few exes, and that is it.


    Future planning after date three

    Remember in high school when couples would draw little hearts in the notebook corners with the other’s last name? Yes? Let that memory stay a memory. When you date someone for a few years, or even months – depending on how serious the relationship gets and how fast – then you can start playing with the idea of building a future, even if it is as simple a thought as “I like them and want to stay with them.” However, if after date three you are looking at wedding venues, it is time to stop yourself in your tracks. It has been said, “patience is a virtue.” In the case of dating in New Hampshire, patience is the greatest virtue.


    Asking too many questions

    You are there to learn about each other and talk. You are not playing 20 questions or truth or dare. Limit the queries to a minimum. The common questions are okay, such as, “what do you do?” “is there anything, in particular, you like doing in the city?” or things like that. Learn hobbies, and maybe you can do something else after the date. However, when you ask questions, keep them simple. You do not want to ask where they see their relationship status in 5 years.


    Ignoring the red flags

    Sometimes we get so excited about dating the other person we ignore the signs that are directly in front of us. From disinterest to boredom and a whole bunch of other red flags, you need to pay attention. Enjoy yourself, but also be aware of the other person and how they are reacting to the date. You don’t want to ignore the red flags that come up until it is too late.



    Making mistakes is what makes us human. We all make mistakes while dating in New Hampshire, and it is how we learn and grow. We need mistakes to learn what is best for ourselves, along with what we like or don’t like in our dates. These errors are common, and everyone makes them. Know them, and fix them – then enjoy that second date!