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    How Do You Know When The Relationship Isn’t Working?

    dating services in New HampshireAs providers of dating services in New Hampshire, we get asked by a lot of individuals, “how will I know when a relationship just isn’t working?” The sad thing is that sometimes it is too late for some of us to know that the relationship is doomed to fail. Sometimes there are no warning signs for a failing relationship either. Relationships are a complicated role that we are all a part of in our everyday lives. Some are romantic in nature others are friendship based, but all relationships rely on the compatibility of the individuals. When considering connection, there are many things that you can examine and think about to help you and your partner figure out when the relationship just isn’t working anymore.





    Differences are great. Opposites attract and can usually make something wonderful. However, these differences can be deeper than what you initially thought. For instance, differences in hobbies and interests are great because the other person, if they are willing to be in the relationship, will attempt (whether they become interested or not is a different story) to learn about your interests. It is not a deal breaker if they do not like it, but they should be accepting of it. Where difference can become a challenge is regarding the relationship itself. Say an individual wanted to try an open relationship rather than a monogamous one, but the other person was against it. If they can understand the feelings of the other, then the relationship can survive, as it is a normal fact of life. However, for some couples, these feelings are too strong and can ruin the relationship because one, or both, individuals focus on the fact that this is too different from what they want.




    Arguments are normal and are a part of any healthy relationship. You will have arguments with everyone from your neighbors to your cat. It is a fact of life. What you need to watch out for, however, is when the arguments become the only way you are communicating. If you have a handful of disagreements but 99% of the time communication is fabulous, then your relationship is still salvageable. However, if the arguments make up most of your conversations to the point where you cannot even speak without a fight, it is time to re-evaluate your position in the relationship.




    The final item to look at is frustration. Feeling frustrated at your partner over little things every so often is normal. If you begin to be frustrated over their very will to talk to you, then you need to think about what is healthy for both of you. You could feel trapped or burdened, and that will lead to frustration, anger, arguments, and eventually a deterioration of relationships.




    With all of these issues, it is best to face them head on. When you notice these things happening, it is best to address your partner so you can try to fix it should you want to. You should not feel stuck in a cycle that is unhealthy. Also, it may just be that this is another experience that will bring you one step closer to finding your true soul mate. It takes time and can be frustrating and heartbreaking when you consider the options with a failing relationship. Still, just because it did not work, does not mean it was a complete failure.

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