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    June 15th is National Smile Power Day!

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    This year, June 15th is the perfect time to celebrate the power that a smile holds. It seems that the simple act of smiling is built into our nature. According to Darwin, our facial expressions are universal products rather than a cultural phenomenon. But, sometimes, understanding how to start a new relationship isn’t exactly second nature to everyone. So, if you need help with relationship coaching in New Hampshire, contact the experts at Together NH. Thus, let’s get into the science and attraction behind smiles!


    Type of Smiles


    Did you know that research has shown that there’s a link between perceived attractiveness and smiling? In the 19th century, a scientist named Guillaume Duchenne spent time mapping the face muscles, including those that control facial expressions. Then, he began noting the difference between a smile that signifies true enjoyment versus a polite smile.


    These became known as Duchenne and Non-Duchenne smiles. Although, it would be incorrect to consider a Non-Duchenne smile as “fake.” Instead, they communicate social pleasantries at a psychological distance. In comparison, a Duchenne smile is a genuine, authentic expression. This type of smile is when you see the corner of the eyes wrinkle. In other terms, when a smile reaches your eyes.


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    First Impressions


    Did you know that research has shown that there’s a link between perceived attractiveness and smiling? Research has shown that smiling with your eyes can help you be perceived as trustworthy and sincere! Therefore, smiling can help first impressions. People make immediate evaluations after meeting someone new, whether they realize it or not! Thus, a healthy and happy smile can have a significant impact on your first impressions.


    Smiles are a way that people connect with others. Additionally, when you show someone a genuine smile, it’s a big deal! It also is a way of showing someone you’re being authentic and are happy to be around them. New Hampshire relationship coaching can help you improve the way you carry yourself on dates. Therefore, dole out happy grins to make your next date the best one yet.



    Relationship Coaching in New Hampshire


    Signing up for relationship coaching is the perfect honor National Smile Day in New Hampshire! Together NH has years of professional relationship coaching and matchmaking experience in the Granite State. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at (603) 624-4552. Or, visit our website and fill out our form to learn more about what we can offer.