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    Kissing on a First Date

    Ah, the age old issue of kissing on the first date. This concern has been around for centuries, and there are many different perspectives from New Hampshire singles regarding the matter. For years, women would be expected to wait for their wedding night and be as chaste as possible. Today, there is no set standard in a society where divorcees make up a good portion of the dating field. Many times, individuals who have married young end up divorced, so waiting may not always the best option. However, while this topic is a hot debate, it is best to understand why there are repercussions if it happens.


    A major downside of kissing on a first date is the worry of setting yourself up for the expectation of something more. When you are not comfortable but feel obligated to kiss on the first date, it can be a difficult situation if it turns out you are just not as interested as you thought you were at the beginning. A change in the heart can lead to a lot of negative connotations regarding mixed signals and hurt an individual. The prospect of a kiss is that there is some chemistry. Should there be no chemistry on one side, it may be harder to break the relationship off once something gets established.


    On the other hand, for many New Hampshire singles, a spark behind a kiss is an excellent way to know if the chemistry that you are feeling is real. While it seems a bit redundant for many individuals, a physical touch is a way that the chemistry that you may be feeling can either be hammered in or cast aside. It is also a way to show that you are interested accurately. Should the chemistry and the spark be there, it usually means that another date is possible. It is a way to ensure that you are interested enough to call your date again.

    All in all, it comes down to the comfort zone. For some, a kiss on the cheek or a peck is entirely fine on the first date, especially if there was a friendship or some relationship before. For others, however, the first date is an awkward time where you have just started this prospect of being in a relationship with another human being. Mismatched expectations can make things complicated if you try to move faster than you are comfortable. Keeping up with what others are doing on their dates is silly, and how you approach things should get decided by you and your date. Remember that if you are comfortable, then you will be able to accomplish a lot more than if you are not.

    Do not be nervous about being pressured. Do not be worried about how you look and do not be nervous about getting back out there. When New Hampshire singles work with Together NH, we will not let them fall, be uncomfortable, or stay with a match that doesn’t work. Communicate, and your fate will find you.