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    Matchmaker, Dating Coach? What’s the difference?

    Online dating, matchmaker, dating coach? With so many options how do you know what you should go after to get back into the dating scene. Many New Hampshire singles face this question daily when they decide to change their dating scene. While they all sound similar, the way that each of these services work is actually quite different from each other. Some aspects of the services may overlap in the basic realm that they are helping you to find the right match for you, but the way that they work, changes the results you get.

    Online Dating

    Starting with the more popular form of dating in the past few years, online dating has taken a new approach to the traditional matchmaking platform. When you utilize online dating, you fill in some information, add a picture then maybe take some tests or they analyze what you put in to attempt to find you matches. This all online method takes away the personality and changes the results to a computer analysis. While computer analysis has come a long way, there is no way to be able to match personality through a computer. You can date without leaving your home, but you don’t truly know if you will be compatible in person. Not only do you remove the personal touch, but you can be anyone you want online. So if you think someone wants a daredevil, you can add that in though you really aren’t. The lack of personality allows for you to change yourself to impress another.

    Dating Coach

    A dating coach takes out the matchmaking all together. Dating coaches typically only help you improve your skills while you are on a date. This means that you can find people no problem, but once you have that first date, you get to a stale mate. Think of the movie Hitch. Hitch is a dating coach. He helps individuals who have an interest and a date, and help them change the habits that they may have on the date that makes the other person shy away. They work specifically to help for successful dates, not matches.

    Step 2Matchmakers

    An old profession, matchmakers have had their work proven through the ages as being a successful bid. When you choose to go with a matchmaker, you are getting a personal touch to your matches. Meeting with a matchmaker allows you to discuss all of your personality and wants to a person who can then work to help you find likeminded individuals. While they match you with individuals similar to online dating, adding in a personal touch allows you to know the quality of the help and match you are being recommended to. This is because you are usually offered a small handful of suiters than dozens who you hit yes or no to. Some matchmakers will even help coach you for your date if you are nervous, thought that is not always the case. Matchmakers will also host single events so that you can get out and meet more individuals than your matches, just in case the matches don’t work in your favor.

    With no lack of options, New Hampshire singles are able to choose their dating style that is most comfortable for them. However, at Together NH, we believe that once you try a matchmaker, soon that will be the only way that you find your match.

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