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    NH Matchmakers: Make This Valentine’s Day Special


    This month, we’re helping you get ready for Valentine’s Day. But did you know that February is also National Creative Romance Month? This month is all about emphasizing the importance of dating in a relationship. Keeping things romantic, passionate, and fun is an excellent way to ensure you’re staying connected with your significant other. As matchmakers, we’re here to help you find that special someone and give you the tools to form a successful and meaningful relationship. We’re giving you a few ideas to keep your relationship exciting by trying new things, whether it’s for Valentine’s day or any day!


    Here are some creative Valentine’s Day ideas from our matchmakers at Together NH!


    Surprise Getaway

    If the place you met happens to be very special to both of you, we recommend planning a trip to this destination. This is a great way to bring back the feeling of when you first met and look at how far you’ve come! One way to make this more exciting is to make it a surprise trip for your partner. If the trip is too long to make it a surprise, you can make this trip memorable by creating a puzzle or riddle for them to figure out where the destination is!


    Plan a Fun Dinner

    Since it’s winter, we’re bound to have some snow days in the New England area. Getting dressed up to go to a classy restaurant is fun, but you can also make dinner special at home! Turn the living room into a cozy picnic area with all their favorite snacks and beverages. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Consider decorating your home with candles, string lights, and extra decor your partner may like. This idea is a perfect alternative if you’re snowed in!


    Take a Cooking Class

    What better way to connect with your partner other than learning how to cook a new meal together? Whether you want to take an in-person or virtual cooking class, that’s up to you. This is a fun new way to bond and create new memories with your loved one. You even get to enjoy a gourmet meal at the end!



    Looking for Local Matchmakers in NH? Choose Together NH!

    At Together NH, we’re passionate about helping you find the right person. Everyone deserves to find love, and that means you too! If you’re interested in taking that first step toward finding the perfect person for you, we encourage you to visit our website to sign up today! Unlike other dating websites, our matchmakers personally curate the best matches that align with your values and inner qualities. We hope to hear from you soon!


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