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    Perfect Places For Summer Dates In New Hampshire

    Dating in New Hampshire is a fun and exciting time in your life. With so many dating options available throughout the year, there is plenty to do. You never need to have the same date twice, unless you want to. New Hampshire is the perfect state for having open-ended options, especially in the summer. Though there is a lot of travel in the summer, there are plenty of spots that you can plan for the adventure lover, the nature lover, or the individual who wants to observe a magical scene in the clouds.

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    The Basin at Franconia Notch

    To experience one of the natural wonders that New Hampshire has to offer, visit The Basin. Located at Franconia Notch, there are plenty of walking trails where you can enjoy nature together before getting to the “pothole in the Pemigewasset River, 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep.” Believed to have formed at least 25,000 years ago with the help of the river, it has smooth sidewalls and a stream bed.

    Weirs Beach

    Take a trip to the Weirs. With access to swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee and boat rides onto the river, you can have a full day of fun on your date. You can stroll the boardwalk or unleash your inner child with bumper cars and the arcade. Then, relax at the end of the night at the drive-in. Everything you could want out of a day of fun and reliving your childhood is here for a beautiful day with your date. Why not finish it off at the Kellerhaus for an Ice Cream Smorgasbord on the way home?

    Castle in the Clouds

    Completed building in 1914, the castle in the clouds is high in the Ossipee Mountain Range. Tom and Olive Plant built the home after retiring from the shoe manufacturing industry as a millionaire. When he married in 1913, he bought the property now known as Ossipee Mountain Park. Though his home got sold after his death, it has been maintained since 2006 by the Castle Preservation Society and is open to the public. Held in the time since the early 1900’s, walk through a self-guided tour on your date. For history lovers, or those who want to go on a quiet date in the mountains, enjoy the scenery of green for miles around.

    Tarbin Gardens

    For a nice subtle romantic walk through blooming gardens, a date at Tarbin Gardens will be something to remember. Plan a picnic and bring it to the garden while you enjoy nature with each other. Have some English tea at tea time with scones and pastries for an extra special time that you cannot get anywhere else. Make your day perfect in the most romantic sense of the word.

    Budweiser Merrimack Brewery

    For those who want something a little less fancy, Budweiser brewery tours are the way to go. Available for all ages, you can learn how one of the most popular beers in the nation gets made from “seed to sip.” For the animal lover, you will also get to see the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses, though they will most likely not kick a football. Choose from a complimentary tour, a beer master tour, or a day tour. A refreshing change from the typical date!


    When it comes to summer dating in New Hampshire, the opportunities are endless if you know where to look or think outside the box. There is no need to do the same dates when you have access to some of the most interesting dating spots in the world.