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    Top 5 Reasons to Bring a Date for the Holidays

    Holidays are coming up fast. Thanksgiving is right around the corner with Christmas following right behind. For singles in NH, holidays can be a little harder to get through. When the season of love and giving arrives, it feels weird not to have somebody to share that love with. With holiday events going on, now is the best time of year to meet people. Here are the top five reasons you should bring a date home for the holidays!

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    Avoid the Loneliness

    It’s easier to feel lonely at this time of year. The cold weather leaves people feeling isolated and seeing happy couples celebrate holidays together causes a sense of sadness in us. That loneliness can be put at bay by opening up to the dating scene. By getting out there, you’ll find other singles in NH are looking for love for the holidays too.

    Impress Your Relatives

    One reason to bring home a date for the holiday is to impress your persnickety relatives. For us older folks, or those of us getting back into the dating scene after a breakup, your relatives want to see you lucky in love. Bringing home a date shows your family that you’re happy and that’s all they want for the holidays.

    Distract Your Relatives

    Even better than impressing your relatives, is distracting them. If they ask how work is going, you can push the question of on your date! Is somebody about to mention your ex? Tell them how great your date is at skiing! Deflection has been a tried and true tactic for avoiding uncomfortable questions from family members for generations. Give it a try yourself!

    Get to Know them Better

    Bringing your date around your family is a risky gamble. Still, when it works out, you get to know so much more about the person you’re interested in. Family members have a way of knowing what you need as much as you do. Even more, they aren’t afraid to ask questions. Seeing how your date interacts and listening to them when they talk helps you to open up. This creates a healthy line of communication and understanding.

    It’s never too late to start looking for love. This season singles in NH should put themselves out there and bring a date home for the holidays. For matchmaking and dating coaches services, contact Together of New Hampshire at 900-688-5644 or visit them online!