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    Ways To End A Bad First Date

    NH dating from TogetherMost of us have been there while dating in New Hampshire. We had that one date, however many years ago, that we remember because it was atrocious. It may not have even been the person that you were with, but the scenario made you want to run for the hills. Chances are if this has happened to you, you were panicking trying to find the fastest escape route from the bathroom window. That said, there are ways to end the first date if you feel the need to hide out in the bathroom for the remainder of the night. Given that that is not usually a good option, how about finding some proper ways to end a bad first date?


    Be open if you don’t want a commitment

    Dating does not mean that you need to go into a serious relationship with anyone. The whole point of dating is to find someone who meshes with you. If you feel as though the person you just had a date with isn’t that person, let them know that at the moment you aren’t ready for commitment. Let them know that you are trying to find what you want and feel they are not the commitment you want. Say it politely, but be honest. Even if you are ready for a commitment, if there is no spark with them, let them know.


    Allow them to know that you don’t think you work out

    Should you feel that you have too many differences, tell them. Let them know at the end of the date when you are saying goodnight that you feel there are too many differences to work on a romantic level. You need to be able to speak up for what you feel is best. Many individuals will understand. Nothing works out all the time. If you just don’t think you are compatible enough for more dating in New Hampshire, it is best to tell them.


    Take the lead in saying goodbye

    If you allow them to say good night, you may feel obligated to go with what the other person feels. It could happen because no one likes to crush someone if they enjoyed the date. However, if you make the motion to say good night and be open to the above scenarios, then you should be all set.


    Don’t allow them to give you a kiss

    Kissing is the worst thing you could let a date do if you are not feeling the chemistry. We all want to find that one person, but settling for someone that we are not feeling anything for isn’t good for you or the other person. Consider the other person and don’t allow that good night kiss.


    Don’t be rude about it

    Finally, anything you tell them can be said openly and honestly without sounding too harsh. Be polite with them, and if you had a lovely time, say so. Also say that if it doesn’t work out, you cannot keep seeing them because they just aren’t the right fit for you.



    Ending a date can be terrifying because you don’t want to hurt the other person. However, if you feel the need to stop the meeting, just be honest. More individuals will appreciate the honesty than they would a lie. So, with that said, go dating in New Hampshire, have fun, and find your best match.