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    What Singles Coaching Offers You

    Anyone who has been in the dating scene knows just how important it is to feel confident and sure of yourself. It takes plenty of guts to navigate the field and be vulnerable! However, it gets quite nerve-wracking to get out there. If you do not want to use the matchmaking services Together NH offers that have helped plenty of New Hampshire singles, we also offer counseling with Janis, our singles coach. It is a service that has plenty of benefits.

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    Expert Advice



    Our in-house coach, Janis, knows plenty about dating. She also has the experience to back up her knowledge, and has over 30 years of experience coaching New Hampshire singles to help them find the person of their dreams! You can count on smart, wise words from her.




    Coaching is perfect for singles who are a bit nervous to date, for whatever reason that may be. Through the process, you will emerge confident, strong, and ready to go explore the dating scene like you never have before. It is our goal to ensure you are happy with yourself and ready to find your one true love.




    Navigating the dating pool may seem like a tough obstacle, but Janis will be with you every step of the way. Not only will she offer advice, but she will also stay with you until you feel comfortable enough to go back out on your own. You’re never alone with this program!




    After all, this is our end goal! Through our expert coaching and hard work, our goal is to get you acquainted with the future love of your life. When you have all of our tools available, success is much more likely, and you will be that much closer to forming a romantic relationship with someone.


    If you are nervous about dating, we at Together NH want to work with you and help you get out there. We have helped many New Hampshire singles, and want to give you your happy ending. For more information about our company or services, please give us a call at 1-(800)-688-5644!