Spring is the Perfect Time for Dating in New Hampshire

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Spring is the one time of the year that everything seems to take new light. As the layers of frozen snow melt, we’re left with muddy mush everywhere. However, as the sun begins to warm the Earth, trees begin to bloom, flowers start to sprout from the ground, and lush green lawns are everywhere we look. Spring is a time for change, so now is the perfect time to embrace change in your life.

If the winter months seemed a bit lonely, consider dating in New Hampshire as your opportunity for change this season. At Together NH, we use the human element to bring singles together. Forget the endless hours of sitting behind the screen, now is the time to dust off the cobwebs and get interact the way humans were meant to do.



Dating during COVID

We admit, as easy as it may seem to get out and interact in this beautiful weather, this year is presenting its challenges. However, social distancing due to the global pandemic doesn’t mean life needs to come to a halt. Following guidelines and exercising caution can bring you together with your soul mate. Here are few pointers on getting out this spring:

  1. Go for a walkGet outside and get some fresh air.  Not only is fresh air good for the soul, but the winter months also deprive us of vitamin D. Talking a walk in the open air will do the body good while also allowing plenty of room to maintain the recommended distance.
  2. Enjoy gardeningAnother wonderful aspect of the spring season is gardening! Whether you’re a “gardener” or not, even taking a stroll through public gardens can prove to be a refreshing experience.
  3. Be mindful of othersNo matter where the day brings you, there’s one thing to keep in mind more than ever before; be mindful of others.  In an unprecedented time, there are many emotions and beliefs surfacing.  As you feel your thoughts, beliefs, and concerns are valid, so does the next person.  Be kind. Be mindful.
  4. Guidelines are set for a reasonIn an uncertain time, we need to trust and do what we need to do.  Visit the NH Department of Health and Human Services for recommended guidelines for the state of New Hampshire.


No matter what life throws our way, staying in solitude alone is never an option. Believe it or not, us granite staters seem to grasp this concept with open arms! New Hampshire dating is at its prime this year with hundreds of singles digging into their creative souls and finding ways to come together.


dating new hampshire


For additional information, advice, or assistance meeting your perfect half, contact our team today at Together NH. For decades we’ve helped singles through some of the toughest times by carefully pairing together individuals with similar interests, beliefs, and qualities. Contact us today at (603) 624-4552.