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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some questions we hear a lot. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.

    Phone: (603) 624-4552
    Email: togethernh@msn.com

    You would place your membership on hold and you would not receive any further referrals.

    You can specify distance in time you are willing to travel to meet your match.

    Depending on which package you choose you can either transfer your membership or sell your remainder of your membership to someone else. If you move out of state you can take your membership with you.

    You can definitely increase your referrals if you decide that is what you want.

    No, if you are simply speaking to your referral on the phone that Is not considered an introduction. It is only considered an introduction when you meet in person.

    The major difference is the quality of people you are meeting. On the Internet you can be anyone who you want to be. Our clients are seriously seeking a long term companion, husband or a wife. Also, you have a professional company doing the leg work for you. The Internet can be very time consuming.

    No, you will receive only one referral at a time. Because people are busy and we put a lot of effort into each and every referral we send at Together of NH this way you can focus on one person at a time. Just let us know with your feedback if you are ready for another referral.

    You can be very specific if you’d like. You can discuss exactly what you are looking for with our consultants.

    Feedback. Your feedback is very important in letting us know if we had made a successful match. If we are not right on target we take measures to make sure your second referral is fine tuned and more of a successful match for you.

    Go to the Get Started page and fill out a summary about yourself and we will contact you shortly. Or just pick up the phone and call us at (603) 624-4552. We’d love to hear from you!