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    First Date Jitters? Use This List of 10 Unique First Date Ideas in NH to Ease the Pressure

    First dates are nerve-wracking for anyone who is looking to meet that special someone. What if you run out of things to say? Or you get spinach in your teeth? Then the dreaded moment comes where you both run out of things to say. You fidget awkwardly and talk about the weather. That’s the worst. For singles in NH getting ready to go out on a first date, here are fun date ideas to ensure things go smoothly.

    10 Great First Date Ideas in NH

    The perfect first date is one where you can do something. People often go to dinner or out for coffee, but what happens if the conversation goes stale? Choosing a place where you can have something to keep you active in between spurts of dialogue will help avoid those awkward pauses.

    • Book an Escape Room – This is a challenging and fun way to learn more about another person, and a great way to show off your problem-solving skills.
    • Do a Round of Mini Golf – You can get a little competitive, or laugh at yourself as kids speed past you if you’re awful.
    • Embark on a Haunted Tour – Get your ghost on and learn plenty of new facts to spark a conversation.
    • Play Games at Fun World – There is plenty here to keep you occupied on a first date. If you hit it off, a ride on the carousel will be a great memory to treasure.  
    • Go on a Discover Squam Cruise – Learning something new and looking for wildlife is a great way to spend a first date.
    • Participate in a Beer and Mead Tour – Listening to tour guides as you explore the four breweries and one meadery in the Derry and Londonderry area can provide conversation fodder.
    • Play Board Games at Diversions – An entertaining activity to keep your mind busy and active, playing board games is a unique way to spend an evening.
    • Go wild at Canobie Lake Park – While this might not be for everyone, it is a great first date for some. Plenty of time to talk while you’re waiting in line for rides, and plenty of adrenaline to keep the excitement levels high.
    • Create something at Art Escape in Laconia – Having something to keep your hands busy will lower any sense of unease you may have around a new person, and give you a chance to talk freely without wondering if you’re gesturing too much.
    • Have dinner on the Cafe LaFayette Dinner Train – While this is similar to a more traditional “dinner” date, the uniqueness of eating on a train with great views can help ease some of that first date tension.singles nh

    Are you still looking for someone to take on a first date? Singles in NH don’t need to look any further! At Together, NH, we have been bringing people together successfully since 1982. We host regular singles dances and provide dating and relationship coaching services. Visit our website today or call (603) 624-4552 to give fate a little nudge!