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    3 Reasons to Check Out Singles Dances in MA

    Meeting new people can be hard. At a certain point, it feels like you’ve met everyone that you’re ever going to know. And if you’re single, that feeling can be pretty discouraging. But don’t lose hope! The matchmakers and dating coaches at Together NH are here to help you get back out there and meet that special someone. We help create opportunities for singles to meet, especially at our singles dances in MA and NH.


    Nervous about attending singles dances in MA and NH? That’s okay! Here’s why we think you should take the plunge.


    Meet people outside your social circle.

    We tend to get into ruts where we encounter the same people every day. There are your coworkers, people from church, fitness classes, or volunteering, and the friends you already have. When there are no romantic sparks flying with the people you see regularly, you need to branch out. Going to a singles dance is a great way to do just that. People just like you want to meet each other, so go where they are!


    Get to know each other through an activity.

    Meeting new people can be awkward. You don’t know how to break the ice or strike up a conversation. When you meet someone at a dance, there’s an activity baked in: dancing! When you come to an event with a planned activity, it relieves some of the stress and pressure that come with meeting new people. You can get to know the other attendees through a shared activity.


    Let loose and have fun!

    This might be the most obvious reason. Dancing is fun! You can let loose and enjoy yourself, knowing that everyone is there for the same reason. People come to a singles dance to meet new people and hopefully create a meaningful connection. Making those connections is a little easier when you can have fun and be yourself.


    Check out our singles dances in MA & NH!

    Together NH hosts regular singles dances in MA and NH so singles can meet in a fun and relaxed environment. Our next event is coming up on May 28th at the Elks Lodge in Lawrence, MA. Don’t miss this great event, register today!


    Contact us at (603) 624-4552 or fill out the form on our website to get started!