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    Fun Date Ideas to Solve a Case of First Date Jitters

    First dates have always been known to be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact, it is on this knowledge alone that many don’t date because of their fear of worse dates. One thing is bound to happen wrong, right? You run out of things to say or you end up with something stuck in your teeth. However, when it comes to the NH dating scene, the possibilities of things to do on your first date are endless. Our team at Together NH is here today to tell you some fun first date ideas that are sure to make things go smoothly. 


    Play Some Mini Golf

    Mini golf is a great way to let your true self show. The competition could get a little bit heated, or it will allow your inner kid to shine bright! It doesn’t matter if you are bad at the game either because then, you can laugh at yourself as kids speed past you to the next level and still have fun. 


    Book an Escape Room

    Escape rooms are a challenging and fun way to prove your wit. Also, it will allow a perfect chance to get to know someone too! While you find clues on how to make your escape you can gain great skills like communication and problem-solving with your date!


    Discover Squam Cruise

    For those who like more calm first dates, taking a tour on Squam Lake in Holderness, NH is the right place for you. Not only is it a relaxing idea for a first date, but it is also an educational one. Take a look at the wildlife and learn some of the history behind the lake and everything around it. 


    Coming Together with Together NH

    Together NH has been helping singles get into the NH dating life one meeting or event at a time. Since 1982, we have prided ourselves on being different from other services like popular dating apps and sights. How? Because we take the time to know you and what you are looking for in a person. We find the right match for you like no one else can. 


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    Ready to get yourself out there? Get started now!