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    Fighting First Date Nerves

    For many New Hampshire Singles dating can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if they are not fully ready for the challenge. Yes, dating is a challenge but not fully for the reasons you may expect. Many individuals assume that the challenge for dating is getting along with the match from the matchmaker, however, that is not the challenge that you face. The true challenge with dating, especially during the summer is working through the demons of your own limitations.

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    Though you may not realize it, many times an overactive mind can actually hinder the success of your date. For many individuals, male and female, the voice in your head that over analyzes situations causes you to get anxious and overthink a relatively simple date. The nerves tend to come out more so when you attempt a first date with a new individual. First dates are always the most complicated part of dating. That is why magazines left and right like Glamour release regular articles about how you can beat yourself in order to have a successful first date that leads to exciting futures with maybe your next serious relationship.
    Many tips and tricks may seem menial for some individuals, but for others they make all the difference. Psyching yourself out with negativity will lead the date astray, but if you help calm yourself with some of these tips, you may be able to be yourself a little easier than if you allow the nerves to build up into a tidal wave.

    • Boost your confidence
      • You are always your own worst critic. You see the flaws in yourself that others “miss” and take what makes you, you for granted. Before a first date, or any date for that matter, think of what makes you special to love. You could be double jointed; you have a heart of gold or you are willing to accept yourself for what you can give to another person without their validation. Just think of something that makes your confident. It could even be that you love your hair that day. Anything works.
    • Write down what is making you so nervous
      • Are you nervous because it has been a while, or you just finally want something to work out? If you know exactly what is making you a bucket of nerves, you can address it head on and maybe even mention to yourself as if you were talking to your date why you are nervous to get it off your chest.
    • Get an ego boost from a friend
      • Still don’t feel 100% about yourself that day, call a friend and have them talk you down. Sometimes hearing praise about you looking good that day, or why people will love you gives you an added boost than what you can do for yourself.
    • Don’t expect wedding bells from the first date
      • Remember, this is only a first date. It doesn’t mean that you will be marrying the person tomorrow. While you may very well be meeting Mr./Mrs. Right, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Take it one day at a time.
    • Breathe and Relax
      • Finally, before you stride up to the table, or wherever you decide to go, take a deep breath that you can feel all the way to your toes. Then allow the breath to take out all of the nerves and anxiousness that you have. Enjoy the time you have because this is an exciting moment. While butterflies are a good thing to have, remember that you are in control, not them.

    New Hampshire singles are some of the best individuals that we have had the pleasure to work with at Together NH. Every first date that makes it to the end is a success. If you are ready to find the one to complete your life in this moment, for today, and maybe to the future, call us at 800-688-5644.