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    Couples Activities for the Holiday Season

    With Christmas in just a couple of weeks, it is time to begin thinking about what your significant other will do on the big day. Don’t worry if you have not found your person yet; that is what our team of matchmakers at Together NH is here to do! No matter if you have been together for years, or are going on your first date, here are some fun ideas for couples to do around the holidays


    Go for a scenic drive.

    In New England, there are plenty of scenic routes for you to take a drive up or down! Even after all of the colorful leaves from the trees fall off, they can still look beautiful when they are coated with a fresh blanket of fallen snow. Of course, be careful not to do this during heavy or dangerous weather conditions. 

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    Make a holiday meal.

    While some of you may be used to your parents making the holiday meals for you and your family, it may be a good idea to change it up this year. A great way to bond and come together during this time is to try cooking a meal! Whether both, one, or neither of you are talented in the kitchen, it can be a learning experience both with cooking and yourselves. 


    Go skiing

    Another fun activity to find yourself doing with your partner in New England is to hit the slopes. In this area of the country, there are a total of 91 ski resorts scattering up Rhode Island, all the way to Maine. This makes it easy to find one close to you and try taking a lesson or two if you don’t know how to ski. 


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    Have a holiday movie marathon.

    For many, being cold is not their cup of tea. This option is for couples who enjoy more time inside rather than out in the cold. There are thousands of holiday themed movies out, with more appearing on-air every year! Make a list of both of your favorite holiday movies and maybe even some that neither of you have seen yet, and make a day or weekend to watch them all together while you warm your toes at a fire.


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