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    New Hampshire Matchmakers Celebrate National Couples Day!

    Love is the foundation of relationships, a bond that can bring joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s something worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what National Couples Day is all about! National Couples Day is observed on August 18th every year, and it’s a special day dedicated to honoring and appreciating the love between couples. Whether you’re dating, engaged, married, or in a committed relationship, our New Hampshire matchmakers at Together NH are giving you ways you and your special person can participate in this national day!

    History of National Couples Day

    National Couples Day originated as a way to celebrate and acknowledge the love and commitment between couples. While the exact origins of this day are unclear, it has gained popularity in recent years as a day to honor and appreciate the significance of couples in our lives. 

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    How to Celebrate National Couples Day

    National Couples Day is a day to celebrate love and the special bond between couples. Here are some fun and meaningful ways to celebrate this day with your partner:

    Plan a romantic date 

    Surprise your partner with a romantic date that reflects their interests and preferences. It could be a fancy dinner at their favorite restaurant, a picnic in the park, or a movie night at home. The key is to make it unique and memorable.

    Express your love 

    Take the time to express your love to your partner. Write a heartfelt love letter, leave sticky notes with sweet messages for them to find, or simply tell them how much they mean to you. Let your partner know how much they are loved and appreciated!

    Create lasting memories 

    Do something special together that you both enjoy and create lasting memories. It could be going on a hike, taking a dance class, or exploring a new hobby together. These shared experiences can deepen your bond and create cherished memories.

    Show appreciation 

    Show appreciation for your partner’s love, support, and presence in your life. Say “thank you” for the little things they do, acknowledge their efforts, and express gratitude for their love and companionship.

    Reflect on your relationship 

    Take some time to reflect on your relationship and appreciate how far you’ve come together. Talk about your favorite memories, challenges you’ve overcome, and dreams you have for the future. Reflecting on your relationship can foster deeper emotional intimacy and strengthen your bond!

    Gift something meaningful 

    Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift that represents your love and appreciation. It could be a piece of jewelry, a personalized keepsake, or something that holds special significance for your relationship. The key is to make it meaningful and thoughtful!


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    Whether you’re dating, engaged, married, or in a committed relationship, National Couples Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of being in love. If you’re ready to get back out there but have yet to make the first move toward the dating scene, we encourage you to reach out to our matchmakers at Together NH today!

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