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    New Hampshire Singles Are Overcoming Quarantine Blues

    Believe it or not, being stuck at home doesn’t mean that meeting people has to come to a stop.  Sure, New Hampshire singles aren’t currently out and about, but you can bet they’re still active! As one of the most trusted matchmakers, our team at Together NH wanted to take this moment to provide you with a few ideas to keep your dating scene alive during these uncertain times!

    Dinner and a video chat

    With dinner and movie being one of the most common first dates, it’s time to get a little creative.  By considering dinner and a video chat, you can still accomplish this dating plateau, but modified to the times. Not only is this creative little twist on a traditional date, but you’re supporting businesses that may otherwise be struggling.  With recent regulations closing local restaurants, businesses would love to deliver, or offer curbside pickup for your special night!

    Distant dog walking dates

    If you haven’t been mandated to “shelter-in-place,” then walking your dogs together is still okay! Find a local park or quiet neighborhood that provides ample space for distancing while enjoying the fresh spring air.  Whether you bring the pups along or not, taking a walk together can relieve some of the stress that many of us are experiencing.

    Zoom classes

    Whether you’re familiar with Zoom yet or not, chances are that you will be soon! Streaming live classes across the nation, Zoom is a perfect conferencing platform that allows individuals to interact with one another during meetings, yoga classes, cooking classes, painting nights, and really, anything your imagination desires!

    Games and puzzle challenges

    With the available technologies today, online gaming is as common as reading a book.  Challenge one another to a healthy competition of a game of your choice.  Whether through a popular gaming platform or utilizing a video chat app, keep each other on your toes with a little 2020 digital gaming!

    No matter where the times lead you, New Hampshire singles shouldn’t feel alone during these times.  With ample opportunities to connect, you need to let down your guard and get creative! For more information on the unique services we provide at Together NH, contact our team at (603) 624-4552.