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    Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

    dating in New HampshireIn the world of dating in New Hampshire, there is a lot of in and out of two people. When you start dating it can be a whirlwind of colors and emotions happening all at once. It can lead to some people to be blind when it comes to realizing the issues that could be at play. Given human nature, we all want to see the best in the people we encounter. We tend to excuse when someone was having a bad day or is just not themselves. However, keeping the illusion that everyone is perfect can lead you to miss some issues that come up while you are dating.

    Dating is one of the biggest struggles anyone can go through in their lives. It is an ocean of uncertainty about where to go next and if you are going to find someone. There is a chance that, due to out need to find someone, we can ignore the signs that something just isn’t right about the person you’re dating. That isn’t to say they are a bad person or that there is no hope for it to work out, but it is important that you consider all the aspects of the individual and pay attention.




    They Don’t Put In Effort To Make Plans On Their Own

    Lack of effort is a big red flag that you should try to pay attention to early on before you get too attached. When an individual isn’t putting forth the same amount of effort as you are in the relationship, or you feel as though you are doing all the legwork, maybe it is time to reconsider. It will keep both of you out of an awkward situation where one wants more, and the other intends to head for the hills. Keeping an eye out for if they ask to go on a date versus you asking all the time and things like that can give you a sign that maybe they just aren’t for you, and that’s okay.



    They Continuously Don’t Respond Within A Reasonable Timeframe

    We have all been there. We read a text message and do one of three things: get busy, fall asleep, or forget. It is normal. However, it shouldn’t happen every time you try to get in touch with them. Text messages, phone calls, anything! If they continually don’t respond to the little things like “how was your day today” and answer fast for other things that they may benefit more from, then maybe you need to take a step back and assess the situation. Remember that a couple of times is average. Constantly is a big flag.



    Early Liars Need To Get Shown The Door

    We all lie a little bit on the first date. We can lie about how our day was, avoid uncomfortable topics, or even lie about what we did for the past three years when we all know we have been reading in a corner. It is okay to stretch and avoid. However, if you catch them in a lie and the story keeps changing, then you know that they should leave. The last thing you want to have in a relationship is someone who cannot be honest. While the first date isn’t when you spill your whole life story, it also is the last place that you should make up a complete lie.



    They Don’t Offer To Help Pay For Anything

    This one is a bit more complicated than it used to be. Today, anyone can pay and be happy about it. Usually, the way that the payment gets settled today is a bit evener. Before, the man was always paying for the meal. For some people, that is the way it should be and still is – which is why it is a dicey flag. If you are not comfortable paying every time you go out on a 120-dollar date, say something and see if you can work it out. If they aren’t willing to work with your comfort zone, then it is time to move on.



    Moving Too Fast For How Long You’ve Been Dating

    The final red flag that usually causes people to run for the hills is if they are moving too fast for you. After the second date, if they start talking about children and marriage, maybe they are not for you if that is something you are not ready to discuss. There are times where this is cute and acceptable, but other times it is uncomfortable.




    When it comes to breaking down what counts as a red flag on a date, it goes back to your comfort level while dating. If you are not comfortable with things a person does, address it and move on if you feel that is the right move. You need to be comfortable, and so does the other person. That said, everything is open to compromise, and at Together NH we can help you navigate the murky waters of dating in New Hampshire and mold your future.