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    NH Matchmakers | 4 Signs Your Date Went Good!

    Nerves, sweating, and panic. Sounds familiar? These are common descriptions that summarize how many of us feel when going on a first date. With so many emotions it’s easy to forget what is happening, leaving you questioning how the date went. Did you know that when you have an adrenaline rush you can have acute memory loss? As the top matchmakers in NH, our team from Together NH is here to assure you that It happens and is completely normal! 

    That said, when you are nervous, you can easily overlook signs that your date is going better than you probably think it is. As human beings, it’s normal to overthink and question situations. We like to process, and sometimes we reflect on details that aren’t important. 

    Here are a few signs that your date went or is going better than you could have imagined.


    Recalling Information

    Chances are, you talked before going on the first day. During these conversations, the other person may remember things that you mentioned. Similarly, if you reach out after a date, they may recall pieces of information discussed during your time together. Remembering little details shows the person was paying attention to what you were saying – this is a great sign! You may have been worrying if you had food stuck in your teeth, but they were, instead, focused on getting to know you better!



    Focusing and Active Listening

    Another good sign is that the individual is focused on you, which can be interpreted by active listening. What does their body language show? Do they lean forward and keep their eyes on you for the most part? Or are they leaning away, on their phone and looking around? Distraction can mean they are not interested in what you have to say. You want someone who is intrigued by what you are doing and saying.


    Setting Future Plans

    Towards the end of the date, have they mentioned making future plans? Suggesting that you should try to make plans in the future is a good sign! When this happens, you can be confident that the other person is interested, and that your date went well. If they enjoyed the first event enough to want to see you again, you did something right!




    Nervous Laughter

    Nerves are the biggest telltale sign. When someone is nervous, they usually give off a vibe. Often, people get stressed for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons (believe it or not) could be that they are enjoying themselves! If they are twiddling their fingers, laughing, or blushing, you can probably guess that they are just as nervous as you, which is also a good thing. Nervous laughter means they don’t want to mess up either.


    All in all, the signs of a successful date can change depending on the person. However, these few signs are some of the common ways to tell if someone is enjoying themselves or wants the date to work. Just remember, this is their first date too and they are most likely feeling the same nervousness as you! Breathe and enjoy your time out!

    August 31st is National Matchmakers Day!

    At Together NH, we take great pride in helping to bring people together. Unlike other matchmakers, we take things to the next level by ensuring our couples are a good fit for each other, taking a little of the stress out of the first date. Based on values and inner qualities, we match couples looking for long term relationships.


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