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    It’s National Singles Awareness Day!

    Singles Awareness Day is on February 15.If you found yourself completely single on Valentines Day and are loathing it in its commercial glory, then today is the perfect holiday for you. Our team at Together NH is all about helping you find your special someone. However, it doesn’t mean that being single right now is a bad thing! Today, we celebrate singles in NH but sharing some of the history on the now national holiday. 


    The History Behind Singles Awareness Day. 

    Like many of the great movements that gave us much of what we have now, Singles Awareness Day was made out of feelings of isolation. In 2001, a high schooler named Dustin Barnes made the day for his group of friends to enjoy their singleness, rather than their sorrows. They chose the day for a two reasons. One, as a way to protest Valentine’s Day and two, because all of the store candu was half off. What’s better than eating a whole bunch of candy with your friends? Eating a whole bunch of candy that was half priced, of course. However, Dustin decided to carry on the tradition made in highschool through his years in college. Eventually, he copyrighted Singles Awareness Day in 2005 and it continued to grow since then. 


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    The Movement Behind Singles Awareness Day

    Today, there is a huge following behind Singles Awareness Day. Adults of all ages celebrate the day as a reminder that you don’t need to be in a relationship to appreciate the gift of love. The holiday has taught many people around the world that you should love yourself, even if you have a tough time finding love. You can love your friends, family, and of course, yourself. With the mention of worldwide success with the day, the hashtag #SinglesAwarenessDay has over 60,000 posts on Instagram and counting!


    Want to find your special someone?

    Do you need help finding your someone this year? While there is nothing wrong with being single, our team at Together NH was crafted on the idea of togetherness. Much of the time, when people claim that they simply cannot find the right person for them, they are probably going about it the wrong way. At Together NH, we pride ourselves in being the best at finding matches for singles in NH, and you can be one of them!

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