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    Styles to Avoid on a First Date

    dating in New HampshireIt seems that no matter what we do, there are more and more rules that come with dating in New Hampshire. From where you go on a first date to how many days you need to wait to contact the other person, it seems that there are rules for everything. That is probably a good thing when it comes to dating, as it gives us insight on what a majority of people expect. It allows us to know if things are going well or if things are on a downward spiral. The rules extend to style as well. These are more like guidelines than actual rules. These guidelines can help us when we try to plan for the perfect scenario.

    No situation is perfect. There is always a chance that something is going to go wrong and completely fall apart. However, if you are comfortable, and know what is planned, then you are more likely to have a second date at the end of your first meeting. When it comes to getting ready for your event, you know what to do and how to act…but what on earth do you wear?




    Getting Something From Your Hamper

    A massive no-go. Would you grab something from your hamper for work or a job interview? Probably not! Why would you do it for your date? You know about the meeting beforehand, so something good to do would be to set aside the outfit you plan on wearing so you don’t run the risk of wearing or ruining it in the meantime. Also, make sure that laundry gets done should you have limited clothing options. A simple solution.



    Wearing Clothes That Don’t Match The Date You Are Going On

    If you are going hiking, for the love of Pete, please do not wear a mini skirt and flip flops! Know what activities you are planning for the date. If you are not sure of what to expect, wear a go-to outfit comprised of nice jeans, comfortable shoes, and a decent top. Using a basic outfit layout leaves plenty of options open. It is always best to have an idea of what may happen or where you may be going so that you are ready for what will happen.



    Wearing Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

    This category also counts wearing something that is too small or too big. You want to wear clothing that makes you comfortable. If that means you don’t wear that nice suit or cute black dress that your friends think you should wear, then don’t. You need to be comfortable during the date for it to be a success. If you need to suck in all night or feel like you are swimming in your clothing, it probably doesn’t look right either.




    Dressing for dating in New Hampshire can be easy when you know what you will do on the date. As rules of thumb, your outfit needs to be comfortable, eye-catching, and appropriate for the occasion. Find something in your closet that you love, flatters you, and you can move on. If you love the look, your date will love the look, too!