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    Summer Dating Tips and Tricks

    NH datingWarm weather is here, and that means plenty of time to soak up that sun. While you are already planning on having a fabulous summer outdoors at the beach, lake, or relaxing by a pool, why not have NH dating slide into your summer plans? Summer dating, while it can be daunting, lets the adventurer in you come out. The nature lovers and the sun soakers are out of hibernation, and there are plenty of options when it comes to where you can go on summer dates. However, how do you balance typical summer fun with dating?

    She Knows and The Examiner provide some of the most interesting tidbits of advice when it comes to summer dating. The different seasons bring out something more than just doing the same old’ same old. When you date during the winter, your options mostly are dinner and a show, be it a movie, theater, play, or anything where you can be inside and stay warm when the days drop below freezing. Though the winter does have opportunities for walking under the lights, the summer adds a whole new feel. People are antsy to be outdoors. So, consider these few tips to help you obtain a summer dating mindset.



    Be open for a lot of fun summer activities

    While every date doesn’t need to be hiking at Franconia Notch, be open to doing some fun summer things. Hiking, going to the beach, or even to an amusement park can open doors to what you can do on a first date. If you want to plan for a fun first date, you can coordinate based on your interests. Adrenaline enthusiasts can go zip lining while nature lovers can go for a nice walk along the beach. There are plenty of new ways to consider dating in the summer.



    Remember to enjoy your summer still

    Not every weekend during the summer needs to be filled up with gatherings with Larry, Moe, and Curly. You can enjoy yourself as well. And though you use a matchmaking service to help you, just being out and about may help you find another person with who you may want to try your luck. You don’t need to be bogged down with “the chore of dating.” The point is to enjoy yourself, so if you don’t want to date each weekend, simply put, don’t. Have a relaxing day at the beach on your own.



    Allow yourself to be yourself and comfortable

    If your date wants to go to the beach, but you are not comfortable showing your body, don’t be afraid to say you want to do something else. On every date, you should own yourself and be comfortable. That is why working with a matchmaking service is good because we find compatible individuals. While you are on your date, remember that you are you and nothing can change that because you are beautiful. If you aren’t 100% confident with yourself yet, or with certain things, that is a part of you, and you can own that too.





    Though it seems like simple things that have nothing related to successful dating, these tips can make all the difference in the world. Take the time to remember that your life does not need to revolve around NH dating. When you do decide to emerge fully into the dating sphere, that is where Together NH comes in.

    Finding a match can be easy, but finding a personable match is hard. Call us today at (800)-688-5644 and “give fate a little nudge.”