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    We Are The Dance Scene

    singles dances in MASingles dances in MA have not recently been go-to when it comes to finding the right one. Feeling comfortable at a singles dance is the most important part of going. If you are not comfortable, then you won’t be able to converse, and possibly meet that special someone. What is comes down to with singles dances is being able to find the right balance between fun and experience. It is always recommended to go to those that have the most experience under their belt when you go to a doctor, right? Why would you not take the same precautions when it comes to your future happiness? That is where Together NH’s singles dances can help.

    For the longest running dances in Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you have found the right people. Our dances have been running every consecutive year since 1988. That is nearly 30 years of dances, and we are still going strong! That is pretty impressive in an always changing dating scene. For many, online dating is the way to go, but what about going out and just having fun? Singles dances in MA can scratch that itch.

    When we started our dances, we wanted the best singles party possible. What did we do to accomplish this? We welcome everyone. Whether you are 20 and just out of school ready to enter the dating scene or in your 60’s and widowed or divorced, you are out to have fun and meet some awesome people. That is the primary goal of our singles dances. You will find people from all walks of life with different stories to share about their past experiences.

    So, that is a bit of history about our dances. What makes them work?

    One thing that we love about our dances is that we have been with the same hotels through owner changes and name changes. The Nashua Radisson? We have been there since it was the Sheraton Tara. That just goes to show we love our venues and will not change them for anything. The sites we choose are beautiful.

    We hold 36 dances a month, usually on Saturdays. On long weekends, however, we get a little crazy and hold a Sunday dance! You have plenty of opportunities to come and find some friends or that special someone. These dances are the best way to meet people. They are in a beautiful place, with limited pressure. Bring some friends with you to feel comfortable, own the floor on your own, or even bring everyone you know (it is only $15 for admission). There is no reason to feel forced to be alone for the night. Another plus: we offer smoke-free dances that go until 12:30.

    The reason we want to highlight our dances is that we think this is the best way to get to know someone. You can go on dates and walks around the neighborhood, but fun gatherings bring out the best in everyone. They allow you to get to know someone in their happiest and their goofiest state. So, isn’t it worth a try at least once?

    Check our website and social media for the dates of our next soirees!