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    What Are You Doing April 14th?

    As technology evolves and more and more people try online dating, finding someone special at a public event is more of a rarity. While online dating has its perks, there is nothing quite like the connection that can come from meeting someone you have a spark with face to face. What better place to do that than a singles dance? Together New Hampshire has thrown plenty of singles dances in MA, and we are gearing up for our latest. If you’re not busy April 14th, we have a night full of fun for you! Here is some crucial information:

    Where: The elegant Crowne Plaza in Nashua, New Hampshire.

    When: April 14th, from 8:00 P.M. – 12:30 A.M.

    Admission: $15

    Other Tidbits:

    • The night will be filled with music, featuring a DJ playing the latest hits that are bound to get everyone moving.
    • We have hors d’oeuvres available until 8:30 P.M. if you need a little snack.
    • Please note proper attire is required – no jeans, sneakers, or hats.
    • You may win a prize, just for attending!

    Our dances are quite the affair, and we love to see our singles find their perfect match on the dance floor. You never know what could happen, and with a fair admission price, why not attend our next dance? Together New Hampshire has found that many people love singles dances in MA and NH, and we are proud to host such exciting events. If your calendar is empty on this date, put a slick outfit on and get ready to mingle!

    For successful matchmaking services and dating advice you can count on, Together New Hampshire is here to help you find The One. Give us a call at (800)-688-5644 and map out the road to your happy ending today.